Installation Guide for Composites Expert Educational Software

Installation Procedure
This procedure outlines the necessary steps to install the educational software Composites Expert on your system. Make sure to carefully follow each step to ensure a successful installation.

Before starting the installation, please ensure that your system meets the minimum specifications required to run the Composites Expert software. These specifications can be found in the product documentation.

Minimum Required Configuration:
Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Updates: Internet connection (port: 21)
2.5 GB free space on your hard disk.

Software Download:
Click the button below to download the Composites Expert educational software.
Installation Wizard Launch:
Locate the downloaded file (typically named "Install_CE")
and double-click on it to launch the installation wizard.

Software Download
Click the button to download our educational software Composites Expert.
Download the software

Launch of the Installation Wizard
Navigate to the folder where you have stored it (usually named "Install_CE").
Double-click on this file to launch the installation wizard.

Installation Configuration
Follow the instructions of the installation wizard to configure the installation settings.

Acceptance of License Agreement
Carefully read the software license agreement, and if you agree, check the appropriate box to indicate your acceptance. Then click "Next" to proceed.

Premier démarrage du logiciel
A la première ouverture du logiciel, un message apparait pour vous notifier la validité de votre licence.
Veuillez suivre la procédure qui suit pour l'activer et la récupérer.
Cliquez sur le bouton "ok".

Paramètres utilisateur
Renseignez votre nom dans le champ utilisateur, définissez ventre langue d'utilisation
et choisissez si vous souhaitez utiliser le système métrique ou U.S.

Installation Completion
Once the installation is complete, you may be prompted to launch the educational software Composites Expert. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the installation.

Activation of Your License
To activate your software license, click on the Academy icon and then click on the "About" tab.
Retrieve the number framed in red and transmit it to our technical support.

(Attention, the format of your software key may differ from that of the video)
Transmit my code to technical support
After receiving your number from technical support, you will receive a validation email.
This may take several hours.

License Retrieval
To retrieve your license, click on the Academy icon, then click on the updates tab,
then click on the license retrieval tab.


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