Blended Training in Valencia

On February 20, 2020 the team of the E-Learning Composites Academy was received at the Polytechnic School of Valencia, Spain. Invited by professors François Trochu from the Montreal Polytechnic and Antonio Garcia from the Valencia Polytechnic.

We took this opportunity to interview these two great teachers after the "Blended Training" given to their students.

Interview with François TROCHU:

What did you think of the training carried out by E-Learning Composites Academy?

"E-Learning Composites Academy has created a new kind of training, with practical demonstrations on the manufacture of composites by injection. »

Are our training tools adapted?

"They are very ingenious, thanks to simple and light devices, it is possible for the learner to experiment while being guided by advanced concepts and simple to use software! »

Would you like to say a word about our concept?

"Congratulations to Composites Academy for not hesitating to innovate and thus facilitate the learning of these technologies by combining theory and practice. Congratulations to Jean-Pierre CAUCHOIS, the founder. »

Interview with Antonio GARCIA:

 From an academic point of view, does this training meet a need?

 "Yes, of course. It is directly linked to my line of research and also to my university courses. »

 Did it meet your expectations?

 "Absolutely, it was really great. »

 Are the theoretical, practical and software approaches understandable to the students?

 "The orientation of the workshop was mainly experimental, in coordination with other theoretical subjects that the students had studied previously. »

 Is the digital dimension of this training well understood in its logic?

 "Yes, but it is necessary to have prior training in simulation, in order to understand the importance of the phenomena of impregnation and permeability. »

 We would like to warmly thank professors François Trochu and Antonio Garcia for their welcome and professionalism, as well as their very attentive and participative students with whom we had a pleasant time.

The students received a diploma inaugurating the very first Blended Training, confirmed level, of "E-Learning Composites Academy".


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