RTM & Infusion

For level : intermediate

Understand the different technologies used in industrial workshops thanks to the exercises to be carried out with the equipment of our boxes. Discover and understand the physical phenomena related to the transformation processes associated with RTM and Infusion technologies. 

Plateform access 6 weeks

Pedagogical means provided :

  Digital training

  Educational tutor

  Box 1 - Intermediate, allows to perform 4 exercises

An end-of-course certificate will be delivered to the learner after validation of the various assessments.
Training program

  • Chemical Signage
  • Safety equipement (ppe) related to processed products

  • Resins (matrix)
  • Fibers (Fiberglass, Carbon, Aramid)
  • Business sectors
  • inspect a part
  • Processes for the elaboration of parts
  • Manual stratification
  • simultaneous projection
  • Injection
  • Compression
  • Pre-impregnated Autoclave drapes
  • Thermocompression stamping
  • Pultrusion

  • To know and recognize all the technologies for the transformation of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials. 

  • Viscosity
  • The volume rate of fibre
  • The driving force

RTM lightDirect Infusion
RTMIndirect Infusion
CRTMInfusion with drains

Sequential Infusion

Mixed Infusion with singularity

Sanswich Infusion

  • Polymerization
  • Gel time
  • Parameters to check before brewing
  • Degassing
  • Rules of good practice

  • Calculation of pressure drop
  • Flow regime
  • Reynolds Number Calculation
  • Calculation of the pressure loss coefficient
  • Calculation of the speed of a fluid in a pipe in a laminar flow regime 
  • Factors influencing the loss of expenses

  • The composition of a sandwich structure
  • Core materials
  • Rules of good practice

  • Experimental understanding of physical phenomena related to RTM & Infusion technologies.
Aeronautical, Boating, Building, Land transport, Medical, Sport & Leisure, Energy, Automotive
Level 2 - Intermediate
4 hours theory + 4 hours practice
Box 1 - Intermediate, allows to perform 4 exercises
Prerequisites for this training :

For employees working in the processing of methods/production composites  with at least one year's professional seniority.